Yanze Li [CV]


I’m a second-year PhD student at UBC working with Alexander J. Summers and Ivan Beschastnikh. I’m interested in programming languages, program verification, and type theory.

Before that, I worked as a Software Engineer in Coderrect Inc. where I was the main developer of an LLVM-based static analyzer for concurrent programs. My previous research focused on static analysis, especially detecting concurrency bugs.

I got my MS in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, advised by Jeff Huang. Before that, I got my B.Eng. from Department of Electrical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


  1. [ ICSE’22 ] PUS: A Fast and Highly Efficient Solver for Inclusion-based Pointer Analysis
    Peiming Liu, Yanze Li, Bradley Swain, Jeff Huang
    ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
    [ PDF ]

  2. [ Correctness’21 ] OpenRace: An Open Source Framework for Statically Detecting Data Races
    Bradley Swain, Jeff Huang, Bozhen Liu, Peiming Liu, Yanze Li, Addison Crump, Rohan Khera
    [ PDF ] [ code ]

  3. [ PLDI’21 ] When Threads Meet Events: Efficient and Precise Static Race Detection with Origins
    Bozhen Liu, Peiming Liu, Yanze Li, Chia-Che Tsai, Dilma Da Silva, Jeff Huang
    [ PDF ]

  4. [ SC’20 ] OMPRacer: A Scalable and Precise Static Race Detector for OpenMP Programs
    Bradley Swain, Yanze Li, Peiming Liu, Ignacio Laguna, Giorgis Georgakoudis, Jeff Huang
    [ PDF ] [ artifact ]

  5. [ ICSE’19 ] (Demo Track) SWORD: A Scalable Whole Program Race Detector for Java
    Yanze Li, Bozhen Liu, Jeff Huang
    [ PDF ] [ code ]


Teaching Assistant: CPSC 416 Distributed Systems, Winter 2022
Teaching Assistant: CPSC 410 Advanced Software Engineering, Fall 2021


SIGPLAN-M (ACM SIGPLAN Long-term Mentoring Program), Operations Committee

Sub-reviewer: [OOPSLA’20] [PLDI’19] [OOPSLA’19] [FSE’19] [ICSE’19] [TSE’18]


I was often asked how to pronounce my first name correctly. It contains 2 Chinese characters (“Yan(彦)” and “Ze(泽)”) and you can find its pronunciation in Mandarin here. Nevertheless, I’m happy with any reasonable pronunciation!

I’m a huge fan of video games (although I don’t have enough time playing them since I started doing research).
I love games with good story-telling (e.g., Life is Strange/Detroit: Become Human) and games with sci-fi/cyberpunk backgrounds. I sincerely hope video games can be a main stream for story-telling someday.


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